Edge LED strip light BS

Diffuse Led light strip 
Model Length Power Voltage Color Lumen Angel CCT Warranty Waterproof Grade
BS20 20cm  4W 220/110V White 440 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
30Cm 6W 220/110V White 660 10*45 8500K 3 years IP66
BS50 50Cm 8W 220/110V Whtie 880 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
70Cm 12W 220/110V White 1320 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
BS80 80Cm 14W 220/110V White 1540 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
BS90 90Cm 16W 220/110V White 1760 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
BS100 100Cm 18W 220/110V White 1980 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
BS110 110Cm 20W 220/110V White 2200 10*45 8500K 3 years IP65
BS120 120Cm 22W 220/110V White 2420 10*45 8500k 3 years IP65


Use secondary light distribution lens 45 degree, suitable for 8-30CM thickness light box
Easy to install, connect directly to 220V without external power supply
Lower labor cost, short installation time
Instant start, the light is turned on without delay and is not affected by the environment
High luminous efficiency, low power, and low calorific value
Innovative solution to the major drawbacks of LED light source decay
Using thermally conductive plastic, waterproof and dustproof
Outdoor advertising light box 
Metro light box 
High-speed rail light box 
Airport light box