High voltage LED rigid bar HJ

LED strip light
Model Length Power Voltage Color Lumen Angel CCT Warranty Waterproof Grade
HJ40 40Cm  18W 220/110V White 2250 35 6500/8500K 3 years IP65
60Cm 27W 220/110V White 3375 35 6500/8500K 3 years IP65
HJ80 80Cm 36W 220/110V Whtie 4500 35 6500/8500K 3 years IP65
100Cm 45W 220/110V White 5625 135 6500/8500K 3 years IP65


High brightness: double row of lamp beads, higher brightness

Suitable for 20-35CM thick light box, can light 3 meters between two LED light

Convenient installation: directly connect 220V power, no need to connect external power

Save labor cost, save installation time, save cost

Life span of up to 50000 hours

Instant start: light start without delay



Bus stop light box

Sign lighting

Outdoor light box

Double-sided light box

 Advertising led billboard