Edge LED strip light CBH

Led strip lights
Model Power Voltage Color Lumen Angel CCT Warranty Waterproof Grade
CBH50 15W 220/110V White 1725lm 10*45 6500-8500K 3 years IP65
White 2760lm 10*45 6500-8500K
3 years
CBH100 30W 220/110V
3450lm 10*45 6500-8500K 3 years IP65
CBH120 35W 220/110V White 4025lm 10*45 6500-8500K 3 years IP65



Aluminum base, thermally conductive PC plastic shell, waterproof and dustproof
Use secondary light distribution lens 35 degrees, suitable for 8-30CM thickness light box
Built-in secondary constant current for power supply procurement, to ensure that the LED
lamp is not affected by the power supply's own light decay
Unaffected by ambient air temperature, instant start, no delay in turning on the light
High luminous efficiency, low power, less heat generation, low carbon and environmental protection
Single lamp bead 120lm, suitable for lighting of bus station light box


Outdoor advertising light box 
Metro light box 
High-speed rail light box 
Airport light box