What is the color rendering index and how do we make the restaurant look appetizing?

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What is the color rendering index and how do we make the restaurant look appetizing?


Official Explanation: "Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure that describes the ability of a light source to render the color of a real object.

The higher the color rendering of the light source, the closer its color performance is to the ideal light source or natural light.

Figure 1


Figure 1 shows that the highest color rendering ability of different similar light sources among artificial light sources is incandescent lamps (tungsten filament lamps).

Halogen lamps are also a kind of incandescent lamps, and the color rendering ability Ra is 100. The second left is a triphosphor fluorescent lamp,

the left three metal halide lamp, the left four three primary fluorescent lamp...

Figure II:

Color rendering index; CRI, he used R1-R15 15 colors to display the comprehensive calculation of the value obtained, different light sources in Figure 1 have different color rendering capabilities.

To add a specific point, domestic manufacturers generally use Ra. Ra only has the first eight colors of R1-R8 added to the calculation (R1-R8 I call it hue, it is the true ability to reflect the color ability). CRI uses R1-R15 15 color calculation methods, CRI is stricter than Ra (R9-R15, the last 7 colors are called saturation, which can be understood as a supplement to color capabilities.) CRI is often referred to as color rendering in foreign countries. ability. Since the color rendering capabilities are large and small, how big are their differences?

Figure 3: CRI70 VS CRI90

Figure 4: CRI100>CRI90>CRI80>CRI70

Figure 5,CRI40<CRI60<CRI80<CRI100

Figure 6,CRI80,CRI60,CRI70

Through the comparison of the above figure, we can easily see that the higher the color rendering ability, the more real, natural and beautiful the illuminated image.
When we see here, we may think of how much color rendering capability of the lights we are using now.
Unfortunately, I’m telling you that our current light display capability is around Ra72. (Currently, in 2019, the lamps we purchased have two types of lamp beads,
one is 5730 lamp beads, the color rendering ability is Ra72, and the other is 2835 lamp beads, the color rendering ability is Ra80. If it is a big brand lamp 5730
lamp beads Color rendering ability is also possible to reach Ra80).
As the country further regulates that the home lighting Ra should be no less than 80, we can ask the question, do we need higher color rendering capabilities?
Xiaobian thinks so. The minimum standard is not unusable. Of course, the higher the ability, the better. This is true. The editor made an analogy with an immature car.
I have 100,000. If I buy a domestically produced car, it can also send me from point A to point B. If I have 500,000 I buy a luxury car, he can also send me from point
A to point B. Both products can give me the functions I want, but from the latter, the latter will be more comfortable, safe and luxurious.
A simple example hopes to help you understand.
Index (Ra) Level Color rendering General application
90-100 1A Excellent Locations where accurate color contrast is required
80-89 1B Places that need correct color judgment
60-79 2 Normal Places requiring medium color rendering
40-59 3 Places with low color rendering requirements and small color difference
20-39 4 Poor Locations with no specific requirements for color rendering

The editor has been working on lamps for many years. Let me talk about what scenes require high color rendering light sources. What can it bring me?
In the following scenes of the editor's usual observation, they are all using high color rendering light sources.

Commercial use part: (museums, supermarkets, counters, hotels, restaurants, film and photography) such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Wanda, etc.,
well-known jewelry stores, brand clothing stores, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Michelin, et

Which scenes of the domestic part need to use high color rendering light sources: (restaurants and table lamps) There are no express requirements in other areas,

and the householder does his best.

I want to talk about color rendering here. As mentioned earlier, a large number of businesses have realized the importance of lighting in the commercial area, and the home is still in its infancy. The editor uses his own ability to let everyone know more More lighting knowledge, let us pursue a better quality of life.