LED Strip - Colour Temperature Adjustable 3000K - 6000K

2018-10-23 02:29:39  
LED strip lighting offering a colour temperature adjustable light output. This LED strip lighting features a combination of both warm white and cool white LED chips making it possible to change the colour temperature of the light this LED tape outputs from warm white (a more yellow coloured traditional light) to cool white (a very bright icy white colour) as well as a combination of the both. 
Our colour temperature adjustable LED tape uses 3528 Epistar chips. It operates from a low voltage 12vdc input. There are 60 cool white and 60 warm white LEDs per metre (total 60 LEDs per metre / 300 LEDs on a full 5 metre reel) and we sell this tape in either 1 metre or 5 metre lengths 
Power Consumption 9.6 watts per metre
Brightness 400lm + 480lm per metre (880lm max total)
Dimmable - see wide range of controllers available in Related Products section
120 LEDs per metre (60 pcs 3000K warm white / 60 pcs 6000K cool white)
12vdc constant voltage input
W ide range of controllers - see related products tab on right)
120 degree beam angle
3 year warranty
IP20 rated - suitable for indoor use only