How to install the light box?

2020-07-25 17:32:17  


With the development of light box technology, more and more consumers are interested in the light box without frame. At present, the box without borders kapoor is widely used in mobile phone store, shopping mall, airport, cinema, such as stream of large area, there is no border light box with its easy to change the picture kapoor, easy to install, no size limit, clear images become the characteristics of indoor light boxes advertising of choice, consider the customer in Kabul light boxes on the installation of some of the questions, in this to light box installation introduce simple kapoor. 
The steps are as follows:
 The first step is to prepare the light box profiles, corner codes, screws and screwdrivers, and then align the corners of the 45° corner profiles cut in advance, and then splice them together with the corner codes, fixing two screws at each corner, so that the assembly of the frame of the light box is completed.
Step 2. If the light box of capcloth is directly installed on the wall, it can be installed without the back plate. First, fix the bracket of the light box on the wall with screws, and then hang the light box frame fixed in advance on the light box bracket.
Step 3: Installation of LED light strips is similar to that of kappa light boxes. First, connect the hook and buckle of the LED light strips with the tie tape, then hang the LED light strips on the profile of the light box, and install the power supply (positive pole of gray line and negative pole of white line) on the edge of the outer frame where the output line is placed.
The fourth step is to hang the light strips on both ends of the profile respectively to complete the installation. 
Finally, the canvas is installed. There are silica gel strips all around the canvas.